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Doula Master

Meet My-Ja Younger CD, CPD

My-JA is a certified Master Doula in Birth and Postpartum. She brings compassion , experience and spiritual art to her services. Offering Doula services to mothers when they need it the most. She is a pillar of her community personally and professionally. She is a born Warrior, born with sickle cell anemia she truly understands what its like to have someone nurturing and empathetic by your side.  She is a center of support offering maternity and birthing services to women who require educational , emotional and tactile support as it pertains to managing, birthing and maternity. She has a special place for high risk pregnancies which resonates with her on her birth Journey. A Rare disease Advocate and an herbalist she enjoys helping heal her community and spreading awareness. one of her Favorites includes, but never limited to bone closing and a Mothers Blessing as it is so important to take care of mommy. Postpartum is a time when a village is needed. it Takes a village!

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