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Divine Mothers Blessing Ceremony

  • 1 hour
  • 600 US dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

A Mother’s Blessings is a beautiful, very intimate, pre-birth ceremony historically practiced by our ancestors, that celebrates a woman’s Rites of Passage into motherhood, and the new life being brought into the world. The purpose is to nurture Mama by empowering her with positive feminine energy, love, support, and encouragement as she transitions from pregnancy, to childbirth, and on into motherhood. At this ceremony we are sharing sacred space; so we begin with cleansing our own energy (burning sage or sweetgrass) and entering that space with a short meditation/prayer. Once the space has been cleansed, we create a circle around the mother to be, and open our circle with introducing ourselves, sharing a short story of how we met Mama, something we admire about her, and a happy memory that we share together. Then we go on to create a written blessing of love and encouragement in the form of a thoughtful letter, poem, verse, song, or quote that she can read whenever she needs to be uplifted during her laboring/postpartum period. Lastly, we string a necklace with great intention (that will be worn during the birth) with beads/charms of choice from each guest to remind Mama of the strength and support that she is surrounded with during her birth. The Mother’s Blessings is a beautiful way, as a Sisterhood, to be present and hold space for Mama because we all can’t be at her birth, physically. But spiritually, I believe that this practice is the best way to show up for the wo

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be made within 2 business days for additional services. Late fee will be applied if more than 15 minutes late for appointment. Deposit required for every Doula Package. XoXo

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